About Boardwalk Productions

Boardwalk Productions is a full service film & video production company serving the Northeast United States from Boston to Washington, DC or whichever state, country, continent or planet you need us to venture to.  Our staff always has a suitcase packed for those last minute journeys or those well planned adventures.

We are a well rounded production company with experience in sports cinematography, documentaries, reality shows, network sports features, commercials & promos, corporate videos and more.  We have provided production services for clientele such as ESPN, HBO, ABC Sports, NHL Productions, NBA Entertainment, MLB Productions, Food Network, Fox Sports Network, Clear Channel Entertainment, Nike, US Soccer, Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals and many more.

Boardwalk Productions is owned by Rob Newman and Frank Baglino, both are Directors of  Photography.  Rob has been working in film & video production since 1982 and Frank has been involved since 1996.  They have worked on many Emmy Award winning and nominated productions and have traveled the world in the process of doing so.  They have excellent knowledge of both film & video production.  We also have an amazing stable of freelance production personel, DP’s, Sound Techs, Jib Operators, Steadicam Operators, Gaffers, whomever and whatever you would need for your production we have it or we know someone who does.

We pride ourselves on our work ethic, creativity and story telling images. So give Boardwalk Productions a call and let us make your job of telling stories easier.