Our Services

Our Services

We specialize in all aspects of a follow documentary.  From multi-cam sit downs to walk and talks to covering high profile events, we’ve got you covered.  Contact us with any questions.

We offer camera and lighting equipment as well as operators to cover live events such as live poker tournament streams.  We own all cameras, lenses, fiber-backs, etc. and can manage an entire team to make the live event look it’s absolute best.

We specialize in multi-camera angle interviews and can offer any equipment you might need to get the perfect interview look.  From small spaces to large outdoor settings, we have seen it all.  We pride ourselves in our lighting knowledge and ability to adapt to any interview situation.

We provide ENG coverage of any event you can think of.  Our field crews our very experienced and are always prepared for whatever a production may throw at them.

We have all of the equipment and experience to help produce promos and commercials of the highest production value.

We have a certified drone operator on staff who can capture beautiful landscapes and scene-sets.  Below are some stills taken directly from our drone footage.

Contact us for more information.

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